D7.2 Standardisation Activities – First Release

TERRANOVA consortium ensures that all the relevant studies and results in the context of this project are to be aligned with current and future related pre-standardisation and standardisation initiatives.

Partners activity at the standardisation level is considered to be adequate in the context of the TERRANOVA project goals and targets. The undergoing work standards IEEE 802.15.3 (wireless personal area network) and IEEE 802.11ay (wireless channel bonding and MIMO) are the ones receiving particular attention by the consortium. Besides IEEE 802.15.3 technical studies contribution, the IEEE 802.11ay is also of future assessment in terms of a potential contribution concerning the MAC level. Other optical technology standards such as ITU-T G.989 (NG-PON2), ITU G.HSP (High Speed PON) and IEEE 802.3ca (100G-EPON) as well as the industry initiative for the Common Public Radio Initiative (CPRI/eCPRI) are also at the centre of partners interest since they are directly linked with the optical component part of the TERRANOVA communication system at the THz domain.

TERRANOVA consortium also commits to a standardisation dashboard (roadmap for planned activities) reflecting the current and future activities in relevant technical forums (considering the project time frame) as well as pre-standardisation and standardisation initiatives.

Regarding standardisation activities, TERRANOVA will focus on:
• Closely cooperate with standardisation and scientific interest groups in the research/technology areas of TERRANOVA activities; and
• Contribute to formal pre-standardisation and standardisation bodies, fora and industry groups by continuously exchanging background and context information.


Download the PDF here: TERRANOVA_D7.2