Press Release 05.Sept 2019

Real-Time 100 Gb/s THz wireless transmission

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Deliver optical network Quality of Experience in wireless systems beyond 5G

Last Face-to-Face Meeting

The TERRANOVA project had a plenary meeting in Oulu, Finland (27-29.05.2019)

Special Session at EUCNC 2019

“Advanced Thz technologies towards terabit/s wireless communication”  

Wednesday, 19/06/2019

Special Guest:

Pekka Kyösti, member of TERRANOVA’s EAB, gave a presentation during our 8th plenary meeting in Oulu

Concept and objectives

We envision to extend the fibre-optic systems’ QoE to wireless links by exploiting frequencies above 275 GHz. This means reliable connectivity at extremely high data rates in the Tbit/s regime and almost ‘zero-latency’ for networks beyond 5G.

Project structure

Realising TERRANOVA’s ambitious and long-term vision requires a concrete scientific methodology combined with a well-established work plan.


Deliverables and Publications

Complete list of TERRANOVA’s deliverables (our reports on the various fields of study that we’re undertaking) as they are released as well as our scientific publications


White Papers

Explore our White Papers on Wireless Terahertz Systems’ Architectures and Applications in systems beyond 5G