Our work distribution

Realising TERRANOVA’s ambitious and long-term vision requires a concrete scientific methodology combined with a well-established work plan. In what follows, we describe how and by which means we will achieve the project objectives and consolidate them towards the envisaged system concept. TERRANOVA’s work plan is organised around five key interacting Work Packages (WPs), complemented by the necessary project management and dissemination, exploitation and communication activities performed under the first (WP1) and the last (WP7) Work Package, respectively.

Our objectives


To provide reliable connectivity of extremely high data rates and almost ‘zero-latency’ in networks beyond 5G

To extend the fibre-optic systems quality of experience and reliability to wireless


TERRANOVA project is a 7 partners consortium from 5  different EU countries with complementary skills in:

  • THz / photonic integrated circuit design and manufacture
  • Baseband design and advanced digital signal processing
  • Mobile / optical communication system design and modeling
  • Information theoretical analysis and network resource management
  • Application and business development


The TERRANOVA project will collect data related to terahertz (THz) channel particularities under different application scenarios as well as the performance of the algorithms, techniques and schemes, which will be proposed during the project.

Most of them will be experimental or simulation results, which will be used to verify the mathematical framework, which will be derived in the context of TERRANOVA project.