D5.3 Report on final THz RF-frontend and antenna and optical RF-frontend for real-time demonstration

The deliverable “D5.3 – Report on final THz RF-frontend and antenna and optical RF-frontend for real-time demonstration” completes the research and development on the “THz System Technologies” as part of Work Package (WP) 5. The most important goal of the work package was to develop the component technologies required in WP6 (“THz Demonstrator Implementation and Validation”) to a level “ready for implementation”. The practical implementation within the two system demonstrators will be actually part of WP6. This will also include the optimization and re-design of some of the components where necessary. One of the implications of the work in WP6 will be the development of co-design capabilities by validating the prototype components in the system, by system modelling and by re-design and optimization. All THz components, which are required in WP6 to start the system demonstrations, were designed and fabricated respectively are in fabrication and will return for assembly and testing within the next 4-8 weeks. The design of the components also provided a good insight into the real-world implementation problems of hybrid fibre optical – THz wireless links. With the designed set of components it will be also possible to experimentally investigate the stability of THz beamforming systems and validate beam forming algorithms as for example proposed in D5.2.
The main high-level objectives of this deliverable are:
 Consider intermediate test setups for testing sub-systems of the final demonstrators
 Finalize the system architectures to be demonstrated and the interface specifications
 Design all hardware components that are required for the system implementation, and
 Experimentally validate critical sub-systems and key hardware components.
You can find the PDF here: TERRANOVA D5.3