D4.2 THz driven MAC layer design and caching overlay method

The present deliverable, titled “D4.2 THz driven medium access control (MAC) layer design and caching overlay method”, focuses on the presentation of the TERRANOVA MAC and caching approaches for wireless THz systems. In more detail, Section 2 provides the fundamental characteristics of the THz channel and the system’s particularities that TERRANOVA MAC layers and caching designs need to countermeasure. Next, in Section 3, the MAC layer functionalities that have been designed and/or adopted by TERRANOVA are reported, while, in Section 4, the caching architecture and mechanisms are presented. Finally, in Section 5, the main messages and findings of D4.2 are summarized, conclusions are drawn and the consortium’s future goals concerning the design of MAC and caching are defined.
The main outcomes of the deliverable are:
• Identification and modelling of the particularities of the THz wireless systems to be taken into account in the design of the MAC and caching mechanisms;
• Definition of the required MAC functionalities to support the identified use cases of TERRANOVA systems;
• Presentation and performance assessment of user equipment initiated initial access mechanism;
• Description of the UE association approach;
• Presentation and modelling of the interference profile in ultra-dense THz wireless systems;
• Recognition and performance quantification of directional ALOHA as the main random access procedure;
• Identification and performance evaluation of directional TDMA as the main scheduled access procedure;
• Comparison of random vs scheduled access;
• Presentation of relaying strategies for THz wireless system particularities, namely antenna misalignment and blockage, mitigation;
• Presentation and performance assessment of mixed RF/THz access;
• Description of the final caching architecture and explanation of the functionalities of each block; and
• Presentation of social-aware caching approaches as well as a fetching caching approach based on reinforcement learning.
You can fin the PDF here: TERRANOVA D4.2