D4.1 TERRANOVA’s MAC Layer Definition & Resource Management Formulation

The present deliverable “D4.1 TERRANOVA’s MAC layer definition & resource management formulation,” focuses on the definition of the TERRANOVA’s medium access layer (MAC) and radio resource management (RRM) approaches for realizing Terabit/s wireless connectivity by using Terahertz innovative technologies to deliver optical network quality of experience in systems beyond 5G. In more detail, Section 2 discusses the fundamental characteristics of the THz channel and the systems particularities that TERRANOVA MAC and RRM layers need to countermeasure. Next, Section 3, after defining the radio resource block in the time-frequency-space domain, the MAC and RRM required functionalities are listed and described. Moreover, possible implementations of those functionalities are provided. Based on these implementations, in Section 4, initial results that quantify their performance are given.

The main outcomes of the deliverable are:
• An overview of the particularities of the wireless THz system that need to be countermeasured by the MAC and RRM layers;
• The required functionalities in both MAC and RRM layer to support the identified use cases of the TERRANOVA system;
• The description of possible utilization and approaches for the THz MAC/RRM protocols;
• The presentation of initial simulation results that evaluate the performance of the proposed procedures and schemes.


Download the PDF here: TERRANOVA_D4.1