D3.3 Pencil beamforming and device tracking algorithms and performance, version 2.0

The present deliverable, “D1.4 Periodic technical and administrative report,” focuses on reporting the technical achievements as well as the administrative activities that were carried out during the first reporting period (12 months) of the TERRANOVA project. The main technical outcomes of TERRANOVA are highlighted in Sections 2-7, where the objectives, organisation of the work, achievements, outcomes and deliverables of all technical work packages (WPs) are discussed, along with the partners’ involvement as well as the next steps in each work package. In Section 8, the project technical and administrative management activities are outlined, the resources used (partners effort) during this first reporting period are presented, deviations from the planned effort allocation are discussed and an updated risk management plan is provided.
You can find the PDF here: TERRANOVA D3.3