D1.3 Data Management Plan

A further new element in Horizon 2020 is the use of Data Management Plans (DMPs) detailing what data the project will generate, whether and how it will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be created and preserved.

The present deliverable constitutes the DMP of the TERRANOVA project, i.e. a short, general outline of the project policy for data management. The described policy herein reflects the current state of consortium agreements regarding data management a consistent with those referring to exploitation and protection of results.

This deliverable can be also considered as a checklist for the future. It is a living document that is expected to mature during the project lifetime and will be updated accordingly. The overall purpose of the DMP is to support the data management life cycle for all data that will be collected, processed or generated by the project.

You can access the PDF here: TERRANOVA D1.3