PICadvanced (http://picadvanced.com/) is a young company focused on standard optical interfaces based on photonic integrated circuits. This company has to equity and functional partners of which for long act in the space of bulk photonics and electronic design and mass production (both also focused in some degree on telecommunications). This structure and relation makes PICadvanced one of the best partners for developing highly advanced optical interfaces, driving circuitry and form factor choice and development. From its start, the company has developed and been pioneer in access network optical interfaces, having its devices in the first big demos of NGPON2 through a vendor company. Since then we have evolved and developed several of the components and packaging structures which have enabled groundbreaking in the space of NGPON2 and enabling this technology to progress both in the OLT and in the ONU. Small participations in projects on integrated photonics, mostly through its partners and through servicing, like the P2020 project FUTPON on next generation seamless access interfaces, have been developed by the team. in parallel several proprietary techniques have been developed, especially in the architectural concepts and in the packaging and temperature control in highly dense optoelectronic modules.