Altice Labs ( is the dedicated R&D and Innovation structure for Altice Telecommunication and Media Group. Operating through a network of research labs located in Western Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland), Israel, United States and overseas territories in the French Caribbean and Indian Ocean, it focuses in the development of innovative and added value products and services for the ICT Markets and on the response to the main societal challenges through the adoption of more efficient and ICT based solutions in the most diverse areas.

Formally launched in January 2016, Altice Labs, formerly PT Inovação e Sistemas, accumulates more than 65 years of technological experience in ICT R&D activities, having built a dynamic innovation ecosystem of collaboration with several stakeholders, leaders in their fields of work, including renowned universities, R&D institutions, other market players, clients, governmental and intergovernmental entities, regulatory and standardization organizations and with the community. Highly skilled in the most innovative ICT areas, Altice Labs planned and exploratory innovation activities are set around strategic themes, namely: Cloud technologies (computing and networking), Smart

Living, Internet of Things, Big Data, Security & Privacy, Digital Services & Platforms, 5G and Future Networks, including the Evolutionary Optical Framework.

Aligned with the state of the art technologies and committed to set new paths in Europe and in the world, Altice Labs is based in the Aveiro Lab (Portugal), focusing on ensuring the Altice group acquires and transforms knowledge into technological innovation for the creation of differentiation in the markets and value for all stakeholders.