At the OFC conference this year, the Terranova consortium took part in 3 activities:

Session N4: Optical Access networks  for fixed and mobile services: “Photonic Integrated Circuits for NG-PON2 ONU transceivers” given by Professor António Teixeira in 4th March 2019

Broadband forum Base Seminar: “NG-PON2 Direct Modulation-Based Optics Status and Evolution Path” given by Professor António Teixeira in 7th March 2019

Booth activity: “PICa talks”. Robert and Carlos from HHI plus Francisco Rodrigues and Ricardo Ferreira from PICadvanced provided an overview of Terranova on the PICadvanced booth at OFC.

Session M4F “Advanced Wireless Systems”: C. Castro et al., „32 GBd 16QAM Wireless Transmission in the 300 GHz Band Using a PIN Diode for THz Upconversion“, Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC).